The Infrastructure of the Future: Why Mercato Led Lambda’s $44M Series B


As the world’s datasphere grows, so too does the need for parallel processing power. Regardless of the end application, the future of deep learning is dependent on compute infrastructure to deliver this power, and in the world of vertically integrated deep learning compute, no one company is building better than Lambda.


Why We Invested in Lambda


The year is 2023, and the age of artificial intelligence (AI) is upon us. Much like a Hollywood remake, however, it feels like we’ve seen this movie before. While the technology feels fantastically new, the recent hype cycle feels eerily similar to that which preceded the AI winter of the 1990s. The key difference this time around, however, is that—like Dune—we believe the remake is better than the original.

More than any other technology that preceded it, the recent release of ChatGPT and the public consumption of large language models (LLMs) re-launched AI onto the world stage in an explosive manner. While the technology behind the boom of LLMs—known as machine learning (ML)—is incredibly exciting, it is all but certain that we have barely uncovered the tip of the AI iceberg and the world-changing opportunities that it will inevitably unearth. Deep learning, specifically, holds immeasurable promise.

A subset of ML, deep learning is distinguished by its use of neural networks that—unlike traditional data processing algorithms—learn directly from data without requiring manual feature extraction. This revolutionary technology has (so far) enabled autonomous vehicles, medical imaging for disease detection, real-time language translation, and neural artwork—things that, just a few decades ago, would have been considered science fiction fodder. In the not-too-distant future, however, deep learning will be a fundamental component of nearly every line of software, every piece of press, and every digital interaction. Regardless of the end application, the world will run on AI, and AI will run on Lambda.

Lambda is going to be the #1 GPU cloud in the world.
– Stephen Balaban, CEO

The Deep Learning Company ™, Lambda builds the workstations, datacenter servers, and cloud services that power the engineers and researchers at the forefront of human knowledge. As the only hybrid AI compute company, it provides deep learning engineers with an AI development environment pre-configured with common ML frameworks that simplify and accelerate the training and deployment of deep learning models. From sharing saved models and data sets to letting engineers easily spin up new virtual machines, Lambda is an AI infrastructure power player, and in the realm of vertically integrated deep learning compute power, no one company is building better.