Davis Warnock

Managing Director

Preparation for tomorrow is hard work today.

As a Managing Director of Prelude, Mercato’s early-stage venture fund, Davis Warnock prides himself on collaborating with entrepreneurs and other fund managers to better the investment ecosystem for future builders. An early key driver of this mission was UA2, a network of angel investors that focuses on backing technology start-ups by providing both funding and critical scaling experience. Davis co-founded the network in 2013 shortly before joining Mercato.

Prior to joining the fund, Davis also founded the Lumen Group, the first direct secondary fund in the state of Utah, and Auxano Funding, a revenue-based finance debt fund. Across this career, he has been principal in more than 50 private equity transactions.

Davis received a B.S. in Entrepreneurship from the University of Utah, and an M.B.A. from Westminster’s Gore School of Business. In his role as Managing Director, he currently sits the boards of and FreightPOP, and is investing in B2B technology and cybersecurity startups. Outside of this role at Prelude, he serves as the Chairman of the Board at SilencerCo, the market leader in the small arms suppressor sector, and as a board member of the Utah Venture Entrepreneur Forum.

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Davis Warnock




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