Aly Simons

Investor Relations Manager

Pressure is a privilege. It only comes to those who earn it.

Aly Simons is Mercato’s Investor Relations Manager, working across the firm’s venture, growth capital and buyout practices. A relationship powerhouse and culture creator, Aly makes use of her infectious attitude to direct Limited Partner outreach, support fundraising efforts, and foster investor collaboration.

In her previous role as the executive assistant to Managing Director and Co-Founder, Greg Warnock, Aly gained an intimate knowledge of fund and fundraising practices, and formed close knit relationships with the firm’s Limited Partners, making her a natural fit for a role in IR.

An ardent volunteer, Aly currently serves on the Young Leaders Steering Council for the United Way of Salt Lake, and is a sustainer member of the Junior League, a women-led nonprofit volunteer organization aimed at advancing female leadership. She also earned her undergraduate degree in Sociology from the University of Washington, where she was elected into the International Honor Society of Sociology.

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Aly Simons



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